The question with this project was:
How can we make the users (young people aged 12-18) of the mountain bike route in Dorst aware of the consequences of cycling off route in a positive way? This question arose from the problem that mountain bikers around the area off Dorst, make themselves paths through a nature reserve where this is not the intention.
They still do this despite the fact that there has route been laid out. The first consequence of making your own paths is that these paths are going to be used more often. The consequence of this is that burrows are destroyed as these paths are sometimes right over the caves of the animals. The animals' sleep is disturbed and the animals experience stress. Also the nature area itself is changing (for example, the collapse of humpbacks, the cutting of tree roots which prevent them from growing further) and more litter is created. I tried to solve this problem together with my partner Iris Lamers. We made an concept called Bosbox. We created this together with the mountainbike club de Jonge Renner. This concept makes the mountainbikers aware of the consequences of not following the fixed route and let them experience the route differently.  In short this concept contain 3 elements: an interactive installation on the route itself, an online platform and a social media video.
This project I did together with Iris Lamers.
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